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WolfmanGold Design. 35 Years of Creating...

Wolfman Gold Design

In the 1980’s, designer Peri Wolfman and photographer Charley Gold changed the world of home design and tableware with two words: “all white.”


Their Soho home store, WolfmanGold, became legend and influenced the design world to simplify and bring a sophistication into homes with beautiful but functional all white tableware and comfy but elegant all white furniture. WolfmanGold’s signature “all white” style still guides designers and contemporary tastes today.


WolfmanGold’s table-top celebrity and sense of design led to their series of best selling books,The Perfect Setting, Forks Knives & Spoons, Great Settings and A Place For Everything, bringing Peri & Charley's aethetic into millions of homes.


Later, because of her vision and design talent, William-Sonoma reached out to Peri to lead their design team as Vice President of Product Development where she created and introduced the company’s expansive new tabletop collection and with Charley conceived the original Herbal Kitchen Soaps & Lotion collection.


After the great success of the William-Sonoma project, Restoration Hardware brought Peri into their company to innovate their new line of dinnerware, flatware and stemware in the Restoration Hardware signature style.


Throughout Peri’s professional career, WolfmanGold would accept projects to design the interiors of Manhattan apartments and Hampton homes, from a pied-àterre and expansive lofts to country cottages and sprawling estates. Every WolfmanGold project has been published in design journals and magazines around the world.


Now that more and more people are asking for WoflmanGold’s interior design expertise, Peri and Charlie are devoting their full attention to this enterprise.


In the spirit of the “New York Minute,” WolfmanGold is focused to "work fast and deliver fabulous" design solutions. Call it instant gratification interior design.


Perhaps you want something Fast & Fabulous.

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