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Step 1: Initial Consultation


• We will meet at your site to discuss the project and an

   overview of your needs & wants

• Establish budget range

• Discuss furnishings and materials ideas

• A review of WolfmanGold’s design fee, and project contract

  which guarantees transparency in client costs and design fees.

• Payment of WolfmanGold retainer, to be applied to final bill.

Wolfman Gold Design

How We Work...

We work with our clients in a 4-step process, to save significantly on the purchase of all your furnishings and materials.  We invite you to contact WolfmanGold to discuss your project and arrange a time for us to meet.

Wolfman Gold Design
Step 2: Design Presentation


• A visual presentation of the design (including reasonable revisions)

• Color palette & fabrics

• Furniture style boards

• Project timeline & milestones

• Contract signing

• Payment of 30% of WolfmanGold Design Fee

Wolfman Gold Design
Step 3: Project Execution


• Client approval of necessary renovation, painting, cabinetry,

   tile work, etc.

• Purchase of furniture, furnishing & materials at designer

   wholesale prices paid directly by client to vendors

• Payment of 60% of WoflmanGold Design Fee

Wolfman Gold Design
Step 4: Project Completion


• Client approval of finished project including punch list

• Payment of final 10% of WolfmanGold Design Fee

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